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Welcome to Ombra!

We are a Venetian-inspired Salumeria & Bar in the energetic town of Boonton.

Our mission is to provide first class hospitality while celebrating Italy's vibrant culinary culture. Ombra, inspired by a classic Venetian bacaro (wine bar), encourages a vibrant atmosphere where guests can meet & socialize.

The name Ombra, which literally means 'shade' or 'shadow' in Italian, is a Venetian slang saying for a small glass of wine: "un'ombra de vin".

As legend goes, there was a wine vendor who set up his wine cart every day underneath the famous Campanile in Piazza San Marco, the bell tower in St. Mark’s Square in Venice. As the sun moved throughout the day, he too would move his cart to remain in the bell tower's shadow to keep himself & his wine cool.

And so grew the expression to "meet someone in the shadow of the bell tower", which meant to meet for a glass of wine. As more time passed, a glass of wine became known as simply an "ombra".

To this day, it is how Venice locals order a glass of wine at their local bacaro, "un'ombra de vin".

We look forward to welcoming you to Ombra soon!

Gabi Lombardi
Owner & Certified Sommelier

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